Diplexer Preamplifier FAM-258EL Passes CS116 Testing Requirements

Diplexer Preamplifier FAM-258EL Passes CS116 Testing Requirements

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The MPI Model FAM-258EL, Antenna Diplexer/Preamplifier, recently underwent CS116 testing and successfully passed all of the requirements.

The FAM-258EL is a UHF SATCOM Diplexer and Preamplifier, which includes a separate Diplexer Receive Channel Output and Preamplifier Input to allow the inclusion of an external RF Limiter. The purpose of CS116 testing is to ensure the FAM-258EL’s ability to withstand conducted susceptibility of high level pulsed RF power. The specific testing included RF pulses exceeding 300 volts, within the receive channel passband.

The pulse test includes current injection on the power (J4), transmit (J2 over shield), and LNA out (J3 over shield) ports and voltage injection on the Antenna (J1) port (center to shield). While the former is similar to CS116/DO-160 CH 22 and other MIL-STD testing, the latter is a special threat test requirement.

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