Innovative Technologies

Groundbreaking devices require cutting-edge components. Metropole’s veteran engineers provide customized solutions that empower companies to deliver revolutionary new products. Our advanced microwave technologies provide the speed, range, and flexibility that are essential to remaining connected in today’s fast-paced world. Metropole makes it possible to transmit data more quickly, expand your reach and increase your connectivity. We connect people and businesses around the world with what matters most to them.

Reliable Performance

When reliability is critical to achieving business objectives, it doesn’t pay to cut corners. Metropole’s elite technicians design, engineer, manufacture and test our devices in house to optimize dependability and performance. Constructed with the most advanced technologies and highest quality materials, Metropole communications solutions are trusted when the stakes are high, around the globe and beyond. Businesses rely on Metropole devices to deliver clear transmissions, free from distortion.

Secure Communication

Metropole has developed advanced security and encryption technologies to support government and military ventures, and we include these valuable safeguards in all of our products. In an age where data is more valuable than ever, it is also the most vulnerable. Our transmitters and receivers are equipped with the latest protective measures to protect data streams, operating on optimal frequencies for security and performance.

To learn more about how Metropole’s innovative components enable clear, reliable radio communication, contact us here, call (800) 659-2132 to discuss a custom solution or browse our product catalog.