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Metropole’s history supporting the US space program dates back over 40 years. Our RF and microwave technologies are integral components to numerous NASA systems, both on the terrestrial side and in orbit. In addition, Metropole is proud to support industry-leading private sector space programs from Lockheed Martin, Orbital Sciences, General Dynamics and more. Ultimately, Metropole helps connect our world and beyond.


We are proud of our long history of helping the US military achieve mission success over air, on land and by sea. Metropole products have enabled military communications systems to relay orders farther, faster and more clearly. Our systems enable Navy ships at sea to obtain more accurate location data, and communicate more effectively with the fleet. Plus, our technology enables military aircrafts to communicate at optimal levels to achieve mission success.

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Radio Communications

Our world depends upon clear, consistent and ever-present radio frequency communications. Metropole designs and manufactures the essential components that enable broadcast providers to project, amplify and interpret RF signals. Our technologies are helping businesses share information, and consumers create reliable connections across great distances. Thanks to Metropole, our clients can transmit signals loud and clear, with minimal noise and maximum reliability.