Astronomical Success

Metropole’s communications capabilities stretch beyond our atmosphere. Our advanced microwave devices link the terrestrial and extra-terrestrial with extraordinary reliability. Metropole offers innovative solutions that enable mission critical communication. Our innovative technologies allows public and private organizations to reach new heights in their aerospace ventures.

Our veteran technicians design, engineer, manufacture and test our devices in house to deliver dependable, fully customized aerospace communication products. Whether your operation requires transmission of voice, data or both, Metropole’s cutting-edge components provide stellar solutions that empower you to share information faster and with a greater reach.

Continuous Innovation

We have a 40 year history of innovation. Metropole’s skilled engineers designed the first Hi-Power S-Band SATCOM diplexer (FMA-264) for NASA. Our advanced communication platforms have supported the success of numerous public and private sector aerospace ventures. Metropole products are trusted to connect numerous satellites of various ranges with operators on the ground with precision and reliability.

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