Metropole Products - MUOS Diplexer in use by U.S. NAVY

MUOS Diplexer (FMA-123) currently in use by the U.S. Navy

Metropole Products, Inc. (MPI) offers a broad spectrum of specialized products that support communication efforts worldwide—designed and customized to meet the most demanding mission requirements. MPI solutions are used with sophisticated communication components to reach farther and connect more clearly.

Built precisely to provide communications coverage across the globe, the MUOS Diplexer (FMA-123) was procured by the U.S. Navy. Metropole Products, Inc. has administered continuous innovation to produce the MUOS Diplexer which will provide a Wideband Code Division Multiple Access waveform for end-user radios. The Metropole MUOS Diplexer transmits and receives channel bandwidths that allow system operation of the legacy DAMA communications.

Navy Capt. and MUOS program manager, Joe Kan, said, “this MUOS 3 launch is another major milestone to achieving the next generation of global tactical satellite communications capability for the Department of Defense.” He went on to say that “it’s very visible evidence of the tremendous talent and dedication of our integrated joint service, government and contractor team.”

It is expected to drastically enhance secure satellite communications for mobile U.S. forces. By offering a global, on-demand, beyond-line-of-sight capability to transmit and receive high-quality voice and mission data, MUOS will increase data rates and help penetrate more rugged and challenging environments.